Residential Property Owners Policy – Typical example Covea Landlord Building Insurance (refer to Policy wording for full details as below is only a summary and does not form part of any contract):-

Loss or damage caused by: Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, smoke, riot, civil commotion, strikes, labour/political disturbances.

Malicious Acts: Where loss or damage is caused by legal tenants or guests. The most the insurer will pay is £5000 less any amount recoverable from any security deposit lodged by the tenant. Excluded is Loss or Damage caused while the property is unoccupied, this could be after the insurer applies a unoccupancy clause such as 90 days.

Loss or Damage caused by Storm or Flood unless caused by frost to gates, hedges/fences or caused by a rise in the water table or other gradually occurring cause.

Loss or Damage caused by Water escaping from any fixed domestic water or heating installation, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer or fixed fish tank. Excluded is Loss or Damage caused while the property is unoccupied, this could be after the insurer applies a unoccupancy clause such as 90 days.

Loss or Damage caused by Theft or attempted theft, following forcible and violent entry to and from the property. Excluded is Loss or Damage caused by persons lawfully on the premises while the property is unoccupied.

Collision by: Aircraft or other aerial devices or items dropped from them; Vehicles and animals. Excluded is Loss or Damage caused by pets and livestock.

Subsidence or ground heave of the site that buildings stand on or landslip. Excluded is the first £1000 of each claim and Loss or Damage caused by or resulting from: coastal or river erosion; faulty design, workmanship or the use of defective materials; demolition, structural alteration or repair to buildings; the movement of solid floor slabs unless the foundations beneath the external walls of the property are damaged at the same time and by the same cause; the bedding down of new structures, settlement, shrinkage or expansion; the action of chemicals or chemical reaction. Also excluded is damage to walls, gates, fences, paths, drives, terraces, patios, swimming pools, tennis courts, cesspits, septic tanks, central heating fuel tanks unless the property is damaged at the same time and by the same cause; for which compensation is provided by the National House Building Council Scheme, or other similar guarantee.

Frost damage to interior fixed domestic water or heating installations in the property. Excluded is Loss or Damage caused while the property is unoccupied.

Glass, sanitary ware and ceramic hobs: Accidental breakage of ceramic hobs in fixed appliances if fitted, fixed glass and sanitary ware all forming part of the property. Excluded breakage caused while the property is unoccupied.

Cables, pipes and tanks: Accidental damage for which you are legally responsible to any cables, underground service pipes, drains or underground tanks servicing the property. Excluded is the cost of clearing blocked drains unless the blockage is caused by damage to the fabric of the drains insured by this section. Also excluded is damage caused to pitch fibre drains and by any inherent defect in the design, construction or installation of the drains.

Trade and Access following damage insured in sub section of the policy. We will pay costs you incur in locating the source of the damage up to £5,000.

Temporary accommodation and Loss of rent if your property is uninhabitable due to damage insured under the buildings section. It will pay the reasonable extra cost of similar temporary accommodation for the tenant or rent which should have been paid until the property is fit for habitation again. The most it will pay is 33.3% of the buildings sum insured unless loss or damage is caused by malicious acts by legal tenants or guests whereby the most we will pay is £5000 or three months rent, whichever is less.

Replacement locks. The insurance by this section extends to cover costs incurred as a result of the necessary replacement of locks at the property described in the schedule following theft of keys from the insured. The maximum claim is £1,000.

Property Owners Liability: - Will indemnify you in respect of your legal liability as owner but not occupier of the buildings and their land or resulting from previous ownership of any private property under Section 3 Defective Premises Act 1972 for damage, costs and expenses if followed an accident during the period of insurance someone suffers bodily injury or their property is damaged. The maximum to be paid for any claim or claims arising from one event is £5,000,000 plus costs agreed by us in writing. Exclusions apply (please refer to policy wording).

Accidental damage to the buildings: Exclusions apply (please refer to policy wording).

The facility to include occupation by students and Housing Benefit tenants at no extra charge. (Asylum seeker and DSS or Local Authority referrals must be dealt with separately).

Up to 90 days' cover between lets for unoccupied properties subject to certain precautions, i.e. weekly visits; disconnection of mains services (including drainage of water systems from October to March inclusive) unless left on for heating or security purposes; doors locked and windows and other openings securely closed.

Your Duty to Give Information

You must disclose all material facts that may influence an underwriters' acceptance of your insurance cover. Failure to do so may prejudice any claim.

This is only a summary of the main cover points. For full details ask for sight of the policy document, or ring for information.

Principal Policy Exclusions

The first £250 of each and every claim for loss or damage (increased to £1000 for subsidence damage).


Any sign of cracking which may suggest subsidence damage should be declared prior to cover to prevent any misunderstanding as to when such damage may have originated.

All sums insured are index linked to keep pace with inflation - but it is your duty to ensure that you cover the property for the full rebuild value otherwise under insurance deductions will apply in the event of a claim.

The interest of any Bank, Building Society or other lender can be noted and any special requirements can usually be met (e.g. completing forms, etc).

There are options to include Legal Expenses. Rent Guarantee or Home Emergency Cover. Please enquire for further details.

Full details of the services that we offer and conditions under which we trade are contained within the Combined Initial Disclosure Document which will be forwarded to you with your policy documentation or a written quotation.

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